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All Milton Keynes stakeholders should refer their client to SPA
(Single Point of Access) at B-Well Group.

B-Well Group is the first contact place for any enquires about Falls Prevention in Milton Keynes.

Single Point of Access

Our services provide a complete single point of access to all referrals by professionals or individuals.


single point of access

MK Falls Database


We provide the MK Falls online database, where Mk Based Health and Social Care Professionals can access and can see the status of the service users at SPA with secured online access.

NOTE: If you are MK Based Health/Social care staff looking for MK Falls Database access, Please Contact Us.

Referral Triage

Once SPA received the referral, our specialist clinicians will triage the referral and forward the complex clients to Staying Steady Team based at Bletchley Community Hospital and less complex (High Function) service users will be assesses and treated by B-Well Team.

Triage for referrals


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Equipment Provision

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Exercise Class

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